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Tennesee Water Color Collection

The Tennessee River Watercolor Collection exhibit was recently displayed at the Carnegie Visual Arts Center in Decatur, Alabama.  The event highlighted artwork by artist, Frances D. Tate, who presented her watercolor collection that featured renderings of the Early Old Town Community of Decatur, Alabama.  To create her paintings, Tate utilizes water drawn from the nearby Tennessee River which typifies the flow and heritage of a unified community.

#23 Matthew Hewlett Banks.jpg

Matthew Hewlett Banks Home

6 -Haunted House 16x22.jpg

Howard, Namie, Sykes Home

Dr. Steers - 1912 Maxwell Blend Crop2.jpg

Dr. Willis E. Sterrs 1912 Maxwell Car

Scottsboro Boys House 16x20.jpg

Scottsboro Boys House

(Where Ruby Bates, one of the accusers, was housed during the trials)

C5 #3 First Methodist Episcopal 1881 when church burned crop.jpg

Worship Box Car

(Where First Methodist Episcopal Church

held services after the church was burned)

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